What is Responder Alert?

Responder Alert and its affiliated sites help public safety agencies and the communities they serve work together to improve safety by providing fast, secure, and effective access to important emergency response info, when its needed most.

How does Responder Alert work, exactly?

When you sign up for an account with Responder Alert, you're prompted to enter information that could be important in an emergency.

When a call comes in to your local dispatch center about a location you entered into your account, the information you entered is automatically made available to both dispatchers and responding personnel.

This info can save precious time, as well as help agencies respond more effectively. The result is an extra level of safety for you, your family, and your property.

Also, the contact info you enter into Responder Alert may be used by your local public safety agency to send you important alerts about ongoing emergencies and other information related to enhancing community safety.

What kind of information can I share?

When you set up a Responder Alert account, you can choose to share information about your home and other properties, about contacts, about people who may need special help, about pets, about potential hazards responders may face, or about anything else that you think is important to know.

Does it cost anything? Are there any catches?

Your Responder Alert account is absolutely free. Our personnel may contact you directly to verify info you enter into your account, and you will be asked to review your account info every six months or so in order to make sure everything is still current.

Is it secure?

Responder Alert uses widely-adopted and proven security and encryption techniques to help keep your data secure. Your account is also protected via your unique username and password, and your account may also be subject to verification by your public safety agency.